Aman Setu My School

Drive down the undulating Wagholi-Lohegaon Road with fields stretching on either side till you reach a picturesque little cottage standing out against the wide sky. Here you will find the pre-primary and primary school of everybody's dreams.
Here we nurture every child ensuring that he/she achieves his/her inner potential. Our programme is balanced , developing HEAD (intellectual capabilities), HEART (emotional and social intelligence) and HAND (physical skills) in careful harmony

Bridge of Peace

We dream of a peaceful future for our children.
We call our school the Bridge of Peace AMAN SETU
A place where all the socially created gaps of varying class, caste, religion and linguistic groups and learning needs are “Bridged in peace” – where children learn to work,study and play in harmony.
Our carefully structured demography ensures a healthy mix representing the plurality of our country.


Our commitment to an ecosensitive life style is visible in our choice of building material and the way our curriculum is organized. We have built using locally found materials only, and to a large extent we use recycled crates, bottles and even a bus shell.  Our choice of building material bears testimony to our commitment to the core principle of eco sensitivity. You will appreciate the use of rammed earth and bamboo. Furniture is made out of pine wood particle board which has already been used once for packaging.
Discarded tyres, plastic bottles and plastic bags are in evidence and demonstrate ideas and principles to children who are using them every day.

We believe

We believe in unlimited human potential. We know that given a nurturing environment, enough support and challenge, your child will attain his/ her promise following his/her own unique learning curve. Our task is to provide the appropriate learning experiences and development opportunities.

How we teach

Our curriculum is organised in interlinking themes which stress the underlying values of love, peace, respect, courage, hard work, responsibility and balance. The core principle is the belief that we are all interrelated and interdependent and part of one universal reality.

Aman Setu is a Learning Organisation

This means that everyone here is on the learning curve: teachers, students, parents, trustees, helpers………everyone. It also suggests that the school as a whole is always refining its policies and improving its methods.
Our selection process ensures that only teachers with a positive attitude find a place in Aman Setu. Teachers undergo vigorous training and mentoring.They attend in house workshops and mentoring sessions as well as workshops in other schools.